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UPDATE: I was able to complete the same test I did using version 6.3.2 on version 6.4.3. Sadly, the results were the same. Overlap after overlap in playback. Again, the output video was intolerable to watch. I figured that much of that problem was caused by the small chunks created from the “Set Auto Chapters” and then my Splitting caused overlaps, so next, I decided to do it all manually.

I created the chapter parts as precisely as allowed. Every other chapter marked parts I did not want to keep. When I was done, I created splits at the chapter marks, deleted the chunks that I didn’t want before starting the Remake Now function. It is clear from the warning at the bottom of the screen that the Splits will be made on Key Frames, which do not necessarily coincide with where the user wants the split to occur. The intent is to make it easy to reassemble the parts without re-encoding. The joining function does not take long but as a result, the final video looks very unprofessional.

Also, to ensure that the original source was fine, I was able to use my regular video cutter and get precise cuts. The end result of a “real cutter application” is what the end-user wants from Video ReMaker but it cannot be had.