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L. Stevens

I SO feel for the software developers. I tried to move to Hostwinds (seemingly great deals and purport to have responsive customer service). But, in moving a few sites (one massive, some small) to Hostwinds, I found they’d given me IP addresses that had been BLACKLISTED by MULTIPLE services. It was insane. In three months with them they could NOT FIX the issue and get the blacklists lifted. This bungle took months of my time away from my clients. Moral of the story — Hostwinds is NOT a professional host provider and everyone should avoid them. As to their “responsive customer service”… well, writing to tell you (one moment) that they are working on your issue and should have it fixed soon and (in the next hour) another customer service rep writing to tell you they aren’t in control and cannot guarantee a solution to the issue… that isn’t customer service. They don’t even assign one customer service rep to handle each ticket. So EVERY response is from someone new who has failed to research your issue. So sorry for the developer. I’m telling you to leave Hostwinds the same way I’d tell someone to leave a haunted house. JUST GET OUT!