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Peter Blaise

In response to [@HarFanG] who was asked to explain how to get 2 directory trees displayed, answered “… Sure. I went to the official website, downloaded the .zip version, the SoS serial worked. First launch => 2 explorer panels appeared. Easy peasy …”

But that’s not how YOU got 2 directory trees, that’s how the default shows 2 file list panels.

As explored in prior posts, there is no menu control to select 2 directory trees, there is only a mini-icon between the file-list panels, or a keystroke pattern, that supposedly toggles tree display on and off BUT it failed on at least one computer, but no reason was found, and the problem has not been duplicated ( mostly because I don’t care and have moved on ).

We’re here to pitch in and help each other, nto delittle or ridicule each other, hence my willingness to revisit older threads to update the conversation for all to see.

Thanks for exploring this and sharing.