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Peter Blaise

How to use KCleaner MANUALLY:

1 – [ Options ] > [ Settings ], then check / uncheck items to be cleaned, be aware of removing installers that we might have wanted later, such as when we update something and the next installer can’t access the previous deleted installer to uninstall the previous install, argh ( then we have to reinstall the previous installation of a program just so we can update it ), [ Save ]

2 – [ Options ] > [ Expert Mode ] so we can see what’s about to happen and stop and go back if our expectations do not survive inspection.

3 – [ Simulate ] does a “dry-run” to show what it will find and delete, but does not delete anything yet, we can scroll this to inspect what we expect, and discover surprises, and either un-check surprises, or go back to #1 above and change our choices and try again, or reboot to safe mode and do other troubleshooting first, we can also [ Uncheck all ] and then ONLY check the items we want to delete.

4 – [ Clean ] tells it to go ahead and TRY to delete the listed findings, some files may remain because they are in use, again, we can try this in safe mode to clean as much as possible.

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I ONLY use KCleaner MANUALLY because … I have dad ONE disaster with a prior version of CKleaner that somehow identified every file on the drive, including Windows, Program, and User directories, and I did NOT inspect carefully in step #3 above before clicking [ Clean ] and only then seeing it start to delete 120 GB of precious data, I stopped it, but too late to salvage much, I had to reinstall the drive from scratch, and, FYI, I could NEVER REPRODUCE THE PROBLEM, so I still use leter versions of KCleaner, but MANUALLY as above, and you better believe that I scroll through step #3 above to inspect what I expect, and you should, too ( I do not know if the programmer, has installed preventions to deleting an entire drive by accident ).

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Notes on this SOS giveaway:
– the user name is [ SharewareOnSale ], not our own name.
– the program works the same without registration, it just nags.
– there may be prior versions that include Relevant Knowledge malware, so I use the zip version from the vendor’s website, and you can do a malware scan after install if you see Relevant Knowledge sneaking in somehow, but the current versions promise to be malware free.