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Dave Cole

Downloaded, installed and registered easily.

It listed Internet Explorer but not EDGE. It’s my understanding that Internet Explorer has been discontinued.

It did not find EDGE (on Drive C), or Firefox, Google, Opera, or Vivaldi (all portable versions on Drive D).

Oddly, though, it found 59 Browser add-ons, with no indications of which browser had which add-on. It listed the names of 14 add-ons, with no indication of which browser they were on.

It found 137.38 MB of temp files, with no description of which browser used them.

The only “Browser Option” was to change default search engine. It was set for Bing, which I dislike intensely, with no way to change it. None of my browsers are set for Bing!

I do not see a use for this software in its present state. A good idea, but needs a lot of updating.

Thanks to SOS and FastPCTools for the opportunity to evaluate Fast Browser Cleaner .