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I acquired this product, maybe prior version, through two different free/giveaway distribution systems.

It worked well, but would continuously FORGET registration, and then ultimately, would not register with the allotted keys.

This would have been one of those products I would have considered upgrading for new versions/lifetime purchase had it not been for that hiccup. I did not want to deal with a product that kept forgetting it was legitimately registered. Due to prior problems, I don’t intend to try again.

Their support system was not helpful, but did reply, even though support was not technically part of the free distribution i had taken advantage of.

They suggested that I had updated over the giveaway, which I had not, and that I might be mis-entering the registration, which was not the case for the times it had accepted registration, but then subsequently forgot, it was not an entering issue, it was a retention issue.

They also said, which I found to be a humorous translation : “you should disable your firework… ” :)