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Is there any way to stop the other programs (Nero Start, Nero KnowHow Plus) from installing? Can they be deleted without impairing use of AI Photo Tagger? Does it install something that phones home every hour to see if they have a new add to display?

The $44.95 “price” of this software seems odd. Their full Platinum Suite, which includes AI Photo Tagger as a feature, is $49.95, on sale now for $42.95. So are we getting the suite, or just the one feature? Does this mean all the other stuff in the suite is worth $5.00? They don’t sell AI Photo Tagger as a separate product, just the suite as a one-time or lifetime license (when I click “Products” on their web page, those are the only two options). Also, the Suite is listed as having 7 programs — knows what they might be — while down below it describes 6. And, if you buy it on sale, you apparently get a 64 GB flash drive with “Plus 9 current full versions”. So what is it they are selling? There may be better information on the site someplace, but after seeing this jumbled mess, why would I expect anything better on the other pages?

Questions on AI Photo Tagger:
Does it allow us to tag photos in specific folders/drives? Or does it scan everything?
Does it force us to move photos into an AI Photo Tagger-specific folder?
Does it keep thumbnails of the pics in its own folder, or in the folders containing the pics?
What happens when photos are moved from one folder to another? Or folder is moved or renamed?
What happens when photos are added to, or deleted from, a folder?
What happens if photos are on a removable hard drive? Can I still see that tags refer to a picture, and what disk it’s stored on?
Can it apply more than one tag per picture? If I have a bird and a cat sitting in front of a castle on a cloudy day, does it tag that picture with bird, cat, castle, cloudy? (these are in the tags shown in their program screen shot, on their web page)
Can we add additional tags to pictures as needed – I realize the program won’t be able to auto-apply them, but if I tag a picture of a guitar with the tag “guitar”, does “guitar” show up in the list of tags that can be searched, and can I tell in any way that it won’t be automatically applied to other pictures? And would “guitar” show in a list of tags I can manually apply? This same logic applies if I want to tag pictures with “my family”, or “trip to Australia” or other categories I would find useful, but which this software could not know about.
If we can apply our own tags, does the AI in the software learn? So if I tag 3 pictures of “Aunt Mabel”, will it auto-tag the other 43 in my collection?

One last comment, the description “With the world novelty” scares me. You would think they would at least try to get the leading sentence in the description to make sense. Are other instructions/help in the program this confusing? Is this a sign that the software is put together as poorly as their description?