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Do not install this!
I tried and very sorry for it. Why?
1. During installation, it installs some other tools like codecs, Wi-Fi control and some more you didn’t ask for and cannot control which of them will be installed – they are ll part of the main single installation process.
2. After installation, on first run, the program announced that it cannot run, and it needs to make so changes and corrections of itself. Pressing the button to allow the program to make the corrections resulted in correction failure, meaning that the program cannot run at all.
3. What’s left to do at that situation is uninstalling it which I did with Revo Uninstaller Pro. You need to uninstall 3 different programs because, as said, during installation the package installs several programs, not just the one you think you are installing.
4. But this is not the end of the story. Even uninstalling with Revo left more than 10 registry keys that cannot be deleted. I tried to delete them manually with regedit and later with regedit running in admin mode but no success. These keys cannot be deleted and will be left on your computer doing only God knows what.
Take my warning – don’t install this