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Peter Blaise

Install it over and over, folks, rebooting in between, until

( a ) an icon appears on the desktop, and

( b ) the first opening screen asks for name and email and sign-in, and offers [ Activate ]

IF we get to the program without going through ( b ) above,
THEN we’re stuck with the demo version, so … reinstall again.

It only took me a couple of attempts to get both ( a ) a desktop icon and ( b ) a sign-in / Activate as the first screen – not as good as last time, but better then Audial’s usual fiasco.

Keep at it, folks, try, try, try again, yes, completely, it’s only downloading and installing 700 MB of utilities to make itself work, what could go wrong?

Audials is the most berserker programming, I never know how to use it, I must re-teach myself even the basic one or two functions to get anything to work every time I install another edition, I never remember those functions in subsequent attempted use, I never use Audials except on the giveaway day, but I always discover at least one artist I’d never heard of before, an artist I now treasure, so, especially free, it’s been worthwhile for me.

But, yes,

– it would be nice if they standardized the user interface to allow us to use everything we have learned from other programs inside Audials, too, as it is everything is random, inconsistent, ambiguous, and hardly communicative at all,

– and it would be nice if their installation routine was robust, self-healing, communicated way more, and actually worked the first time, every time, and kept trying on it’s own until successful.

Now, let’s talk about Franzis and their berserker program installation routine … =8^o