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By the name, this is a program that can improve your website’s overall SEO issues, but the only SEO it seems to be intended to help out with is link checking. Every web developer needs a good Link Checker regardless of what it is called. The only problem here is that function is not so great compared to most other Link Checkers (do a Goggle search for most common ones).

The user enters a URL and clicks to start the scan. After the scan is complete, there is a feature to “Export Sitemap…” but the file is by default exported as a CSV file. The user can change to select Txt file format. The Txt file format is missing data that is in the CSV file.

IF the user wishes to scan a localhost website, this program add .com to the end of the entered URL, which creates a non-existent URL. The program should analyze the URL before and if it is valid on localhost, then do not add the .com.

Version 2.3 of this program was given away on SoS on 2020-06-01. This is version 4, so expect some changes from the previous version. There are differences. One is the addition of tabs on the main program window. This gives a lot more space for output, which is great. There are tabs titled “Found Pages”, “Found Links”, “Found H1 Tags” and “Found H2 Tags.” I cannot tell what the Found H1/H2 Tags windows are supposed to display because I get a “System Error. Code: 1400 Invalid window Handle” when I click on them. Another change is the options are hidden by default. There is a checkbox to turn them on.

One thing that does not seem to be improved is the entries in the list of Found Pages and Found Links. One very common occurrence is the URLs often have a single dot directory name: (http://www.domain.tld/./subdir/page.php). Another is a URL that ends in a single “&” sign as the directory name. In some cases, I had two directories in a row with a single dot as the directory name (http://www.domain.tld/././subdir/page.php)

I could not get any help on the program’s functions and how its features are supposed to be taken advantage of. The help menu leads to an online page that is mostly generic for all of Vovsoft’s products. I didn’t get any information about this program.

The reason I did adopt this program into my workflow was due to the errors and difficulties to use it. Since this program jumped in 2 version numbers within a half year, there may be hope in the future. I will let this one stew in the background until then.