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Peter Blaise

We can try to save the Audials installer temp files, but they are a custom suite for each computer including C programming updates for our particular Windows, so it’s probably best to just copy the single distributed installer program file from SOS to any new computer, and then run that one installer, and let it download whatever it sees that it needs.

I do copy the temp directories to my installer storage just in case I need to either replace something that becomes corrupt or to scan individual items with VirusTotal, but, hey, if anything ever becomes corrupt, I can just reinstall from scratch anyway, so there not even any need to save the installer temp directories.

– On the one hand, I’m equally frustrated as others here that Audials leaves so many SOS participants with an unusable installation.

– On the other hand, folks, please, try, try, try again, and you’ll eventually get a nice ( if arduous ) Internet Music/Radio/Video downloader with great search capabilities, and the unique ability to patch two copies of one song together to eliminate one announcer talking over at the beginning, and another announcer talking over at the end, to make one version of the song with both announcers eliminated – amazing.

And, yes, Audials always nags for us to buy a new, full version, but that does not mean that our installed AND ACTIVATED version is not a full, new version.