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Peter Blaise

This Franzis Project HDR v5.5.0.2 if from 2016-08-08 and updated our Windows systems with C programming from 2008.

I think Franzis is done, and are just remarketing old programming.

In CoViD-times, now January 2021, there is some sense to vendors having nothing new developed over this stressful prior year, but I’d think that Franzis contract programmers around the world would be less affected, being essentially work-at-home anyway, but I hope hope hope no one in the Franzis family of contract programmers succumbed to CoViD, but the signals are there, nothing new from Franzis, no new ideas, and no evolution of prior ideas.

This may also be the cascade of the overwhelming population of phones, where even uber-professional-workstation-targeted Adobe is learning to port their presence to lowest-common-denominator hand-held devices, a market that Franzis has yet to figure out.

Actually, Franzis products already designed as broken-down into individual modules that do only one thing, so one would think that Franzis products are perfectly primed for porting to “apps” for phones.

I’d offer a review, but there are 4 years od reviews out there already, and what is there new to say but my old experience:

– Franzis registration is needlessly complex and failure-prone, but by now I have it under control ( user Id number entered once, and product serial number entered twice ).

– Franzis software interface is another cluster of unique hard-to-learn, random, and off-putting, nothing we learn outside Franzis ports inside Franzis, and visa versa.

– Franzis products are one-trick ponies, I find the effort to learn a program pays off better with an all-purpose program, such as
– – FREE Google Picasa,
– – FREE IrfanView,
– – FREE Adobe Photoshop
( yeah, there’s still a pre-monthly subscription Adobe-licensed version out there findable in the wild … let the bickering begin over mentioning that! ).

Thanks, Franzis, I wish you well, and I wish you growth in many ways in the coming year as mentioned above.

I hope everyone is masking up, keeping their distance, and washing everything – live long and prosper!