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1. Doesn’t work for me. Instuctions are not applicable to Windows 10 (or at least not to my setup).
I installed and activated the program. Activation was successful according to screen message, but all I get when I launch the NERO START icon is a table entitled ‘Your Installed Software’ and showing software that supposedly is installed on my system. There is a menu to the left of the table, and one of the menu items is EXTRAS. Clicking EXTRAS reveals another table of (installed?) software, and that table includes NERO AI Photo Tagger. When I click that item absolutely nothing happens. Info that I read somewhere in this convoluted mess said that once I activated Photo Tagger it would show up as the default program once I click the NERO START icon. As far as I can tell, this giveaway is worse than useless. And I cannot understand how or why it has a high rating when I haven’t seen even one positive comment.