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Robert Fare

I read the unfavorable review posted here. I have had no problems with Ashampoo’s Uninstaller program. I have version 10. What I would suggest is that when uninstalling any program, to decline any requests for a restart and to allow Ashampoo Uninstaller to remove as much debris as possible, then restart the computer to have Ashampoo Uninstaller finish removing the rest of the debris.

It is rarely a good idea to use third party uninstallers to remove antimalware programs. Most of the top antivirus software companies have a removal tool that removes all traces of their products from your computer. Download and use the provided removal tool when available.

I tried using Ashampoo Uninstaller to remove ZoneAlarm NextGen Antivirus program. The program stuck at two thirds of the way. I reinstalled ZoneAlarm, then used the Uninstall or Change feature found in the Control Panel to uninstall ZoneAlarm. I then manually removed all traces of the program which involved removing some of them from the registry. If you don’t know what you are doing, it is better to skip making changes to the registry than to risk wrecking your system. In most cases, Ashampoo Uninstaller completely removes all traces of the program that it uninstalls.