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[ @Felix Crevat] Thanks for decoding the version numbers. I already have the full version 18 installed (purchased two or three years ago) so now I know I shouldn’t install today’s giveaway and downgrade to version 16!

I used version 18 quite a bit to create DVDs and MP3 disks, mostly to backup stuff like downloaded games. The program worked very well except it was confusing how much free space would be left on a disk. I recommend it if you need such a program. I hope they can fix the registration issue on today’s giveaway, or that others can leave a message if it works for them.

I mostly store things on hard drives and USB flash drives these days since DVDs are slower, don’t hold as much, and apparently have a much shorter life span (so I’ve read… I have never yet had one go bad once it was burned successfully). Might be a superstition, but I always burn things at slowest speed possible because it seems the most reliable way.