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Peter Blaise


, our personal habits and personal lighting have become untethered to sun-up and sun-down, still, if the program is going to reference sun-up and sun-down, why not offer to know?

My computer has a light sensor, and many laptops also have cameras, so our computer can “know” the ambient lighting, and that is an opportunity to expand the program’s function, the way our smartphones change brightness depending on what their sensors tell them.

Agreed on the transition, otherwise, it can be jarring to switch immediately from one to another setting while in the middle of working as the ambient lighting changes.

I guess I just need to play with the control panel in the CareUEyes program to toggle between the settings I prefer at any time.

[ Editing ] mode is a waste for me, it’s shockingly disturbing and distracting, I will never use it, it looks like a Halloween display.

[ Reading ] mode is unavailable because I do not use Aero.

I can toggle between [ Health ] mode which is dimmer and redder for evening work, and [ Pause ] mode which is brightest and bluer for when I’m in bright daylight, depending on what I need at the moment.

However, I’m getting a Huey/X-Rite/Spyder-or-equivalent for screen and scan/camera calibration, so CarUEyes may become toggled on and off altogether.

Thanks for exploring and sharing.

What have others found – PLEASE SHARE.