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It has been quite sometime since I last posted into this discussion, but today I felt I had to do it. I have downloaded installed programs from this site for quite sometime and I have never experienced the activation process for any of them like this software program. I must admit I did have an account with them (totally forgot about it and program since has been deleted) so I had to go onto the site, delete that account which was not an easy process either. I then attempted to install this program with a different e-mail address which I did. Getting the code was rather confusing too as they only gave me a few seconds to find the e-mail and insert the code. Too bad copying and pasting does not work with there program. Once the correct code was inserted, I clicked on get VIP code and again, copying and pasting did not work. Code has to be entered into this area exactly the way Ashraf listed it. All caps and hyphens must be included so this is why the comment up about code not working happened to that person. I have yet to attempt to use this program but will now and I certainly hope it is worth the time I just had with the activation. By the way, it is only a one year license. Thanks for reading and thanks Ashraf for all that you do here and we all need to show you appreciation more rather than complaints!