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I’m very impressed with the software. Registered with no problems for me. Seems faster than before. An example does a better job of describing what it does.

So here is an original pic of Samantha Fish, by photographer Deborah Ritch, and a “sketch” version created with Sketch Drawer on Detailed Drawing setting, default settings. SOS doesn’t seem to accept links, so you’ll need to delete the “+” characters to make these work:
Let me know if the links don’t work for some reason, and I can try something else.

I’m also impressed with Deborah Ritch’s photography, and that she was kind enough to allow me to share these pics. Check out her Facebook page! I like her subdued colors, the way she balances lighting, some interesting subjects, and even some infrared and high-speed photos.

…and I’m still impressed with Samantha Fish, been about 6 or 7 years since I first heard her music. I like her earlier blues-rock best but still enjoy hearing her play and sing!