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I registered via the link whereby I received the voucher code. I installed Seed4Me and once in the window asks me to log in. What, log in where? Clicking back on the original link (for the code) SharewareOnSale exclusive registration page now points to “Create new account” which obviously it cannot be. Had it been the same page as the 1st time my LastPass password manager would have attained it so it cannot be it. So how do I get my username/password? (resetting the password shows that my email does not exist. obviously then the Seed4Me registering is not the same as the SharewareOnSale since I did write the one and same email address).
Anyhow, there is no indication that one must log in since it gives you a choice to “Continue without logging in” and so I did. But after the green bars start moving for a little while it stops. “Continue” gets me nowhere. I did so 3 X. Is it possible that Seed4Me is useless in China (where I happen to presently reside)? If it is good here than what must I do?