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[ @Peter Blaise] Thanks Peter for another insightful review that can help developer(s) and the rest of us. I have used 1-4a Rename for over 10 years, very handy for big renaming tasks. I also have Advanced Renamer, but don’t remember using it. Thanks for the reminder on that one, it has some very helpful features.

One renaming tool that’s very different from all others I’ve tried is Oscar’s Renamer Pro, from MediaChance. It shows all or some files in a folder, and you can edit them just like a text document with typing, copy/paste, search & replace, macros to repeat a change (record a sequence like: find “_”, move 5 characters right, delete 3 characters, insert “@”). It even has a built-in scripting language. Once you’ve made your changes, click to apply them. You can also click an icon filenames to change them one at a time. Save/load macros. Very powerful and easy to work with, for challenging renaming situations or even when there are a handful and you don’t to figure it with some other tool. It’s not free ($32 for all PCs in your home) but it’s free to try with no restrictions. And Oscar is a nice chap.