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Peter Blaise

ChemTable Soft[ware] Organizer[ Uninstaller, Updater] seems ok, but sometimes never updates a program no matter how many times I click on “update” and wait, so I use any other method to update other programs, including going to the vendor’s site directly, duh.

Glary Utilities updated with no progress bar, CPU-ID and IObit Driver Booster 8 never updated no matter what I did to tell them to.

It allows us to click on more than one update, but seems to only have gotten one update at a time anyway, and it never moved the progress bar, seemed not very hopeful, then finished updating one program anyway.

I think of this as a second opinion after Windows’s own and IObit Uninstaller, I actually use this MORE than I use Revo Uninstaller.

Because of this offer, I think I may move this tool up in my frequently-used list, I’m finding tons of features and benefits by right-clicking on everything in the program, and there’s tons of stuff hidden in there, explore, folks!

I like the “Frequently Uninstalled Programs” list feature because it helps me quickly find crap that I might miss in a full endless listing of everything, BUT some programs are sticky, like Microsoft Windows Live ID stuff, requiring multiple removals and rebooting, and still re-showing up, drat!

All software uninstallers are good for a few things, they all have quirks, whatever we get familiar with is probably best because it keeps us aware of what’s going on in our computers.

And a second opinion is important, not just occasionally, but frequently.

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Suggestions to ChemTable, the vendor:

As with ALL software-managers, I’d like MORE options in plain view DON’T HIDE YOUR STRENGTHS, don’t hide your features and benefits, and have the options be more complete and powerful.

To be honest, MOST of what I ask for is sort of available, sort of in an endless series of nested right-click context menus, but these below I’d like fully functional and IN VIEW on each program line:

– EXPLORE / browse to program directory ( click on a program name and it expands to include “view traces”, where we can browse a captive view-only Windows File Explorer imitation, then from there we can right-click to explore in Windows File Explorer, and “view traces” is good in that it also lets us preview Windows registry entries for the program, and right-click there )

– EDIT program registry entries ( we can only see them in a non-editor at the moment, and have to right-click to open Windows registry editor, a separate instance of Windows registry editor for each item, it would be terrific to open an editor that ONLY had the program registry entries AND had ALL the program registry entries, like Norton’s original registry editor, which also had search and replace, wow )

– EDIT a program’s Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts, so we can add start up options, and change to run as Administrator, for example

– RUN this program ( now, we have to click, view traces, click on files, right-click to explore, then click in Windows File Explorer – too many steps, all of them hidden )

– go to program’s WEB SITE ( this has “Application website” but it’s just the vendor’s site, not the program’s site )

– DOWNLOAD INSTALLER – yeah, let us find a re-installer for the program, not just an update, one thing I’d like to do is click a bunch of programs and have their installers collected for export so I can build a new computer with the same setup, whatdoyousay?

And how about THIS feature that was in the FIRST uninstallers, Quarterdeck Clean Sweep:

– MIGRATE / create re-installer – pack up the program AND registry entries AND shortcuts for migration to another computer ( I see “move to newly created directory”, but that just lets us change a program’s position in the ChemTable Soft Organizer program list internally, it does NOT move the program on the disk or from disk to disk ) – I want to create a zipped, packaged single-file reinstallable version of ANY program, reinstallable ANYWHERE, including grabbing the serial number registration permissions.

And possibly add a really neat feature as we upgrade and rearrange our drives:

– MOVE program to work from another location, such as from a newly installed second hard drive, freeing up space on the primary boot drive.

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This is a worthy program to explore, folks, get it, use it, right-click on everything to find hidden features and benefits.

Thanks for letting us explore this and share.