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My strong advice:
DO NOT use such tools if not well known (and even better: tested by others you would and can trust).
In this filed there is so much bullshit out there (even by better known companies !)…
what I CAN recommend:

1. “Cleanmgr+” (VERY small, efficent, allmost complete, free, can be expanded with scripts, and more); or use
2. “Cleanmgr” its from MS itself! (use “Cleanmgr /sageset:nn” (e.g. “Cleanmgr /sagerun:2”) and you come to set a profile (here: “2”) for a new set of cleaning tasks; later you simply use such your own profile(s) by running “Cleanmgr /sagerun:2” . BTW: Windows can save more profiles than you would ever need…!)
3. “CCleaner” (No longer my favorite, because blown up to much… But still is handy for many people; best download the “portable” version and delete all not needed language files… and copy “your” language file in the program´s folder and delete the sub-folder “Language”)
There is “some” more stuff out there – it is a very saturated field!!! – The more: there is no need to use unknown programs !