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I have tried the free version provided by SoftMaker from its freeoffice website. SoftMaker Control Panel shows: FreeOffice 2018 1.0.4910. Installer 110 MB. See my post to @ERIC above for experience.

According to the information you provided, I downloaded SoftMaker which is being promoted for free on SOS now. Control Panel shows: SoftMaker FreeOffice 2018 1.0.4880. Installer 110 MB.

I used this software and found that there is no difference except for the addition of advertisements on the right.

The experience of using Soft Make is very different from that of Microsoft Office. Therefore I will not install it on my Linux system because OpenOffice and LibreOffice are much better. Even if the experience of using OpenOffice and Libro Office is very different from that of Microsoft Office, too.

Therefore, after 2 trials and comparisons, I found that I prefer Vole Office.