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Bill K

Nice looking interface

Many shotcomings:
• Software hasn’t been updated since 2014 (according to their website)
• Software didn’t find a spreadsheet I use every week
• On my machine, indexing takes tens of minutes, not “tens of seconds”.
• If you want to index all the drives on your computer, be sure to pick “Local disk C:\E:\F:\G:\”
• The only way to get a count of the documents found is to do a Ctrl-A and check the count on the bottom bar.
• You can only find the location of a file by highlighting it or “Find Target”. You can only do one file at a time.
• If you index all your hard drives, you can’t look at all the files on a specific drive.
• Scroll bar doesn’t work properly
• Help file font is tiny, hard for older eyes to read.

If you only need to find all the files of a certain type (and know where they are), look at the program “Everything”.
I could be wrong on some of this. I only spent about 15 minutes checking ithe program out.