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WHAT is the basis for your statement re this being a crack version ? (I think I’m able to recognize such if I run across them.)

Props to this site for doing what it does, day after day. One still needs to separate the wheat from the chaff, but it’s worth the effort.

Someone — might have been the estimable Peter Blaise ? — mentioned here that this program was greatly improved these days. I uninstalled the promo version 2.0.1 from last November, which I had hardly ever used, and was able to install this one successfully. It looks to have more and better User Configuration controls than I recall. In older versions, a number of those checkboxes and user Rules or Exclusions were not necessarily obeyed. That could result in annoying, obtrusive behavior from Ant Downloader, or clashes with other download options one might have and duplicative download attempts. If those issues are now firmly in the past, I will gladly welcome Ant DL into my downloading toolkit.