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This offer states that the license is for one year and that the user gets free updates for a year, which sounds like a decent offer.

I use the word “edition” when differentiating between programs with different capabilities or features but have the same version number. Most other users (including developers) use the word version, even though the version number is the same. When quoting others, I use whatever they use, which generally is “version.” I hope that will not confuse the following text:

User Tom stated that the edition given away on Sharewareonsale.com is “apparently, only the free version, not the “Pro” version as advertised.” User Charlie stated that the IObit website does not mention a Pro version.

Are they wrong?

What is downloaded from Sharewareonsale.com and installed shows the word PRO as part of the title. But is it really a Pro edition?

The IObit website for the iFun Screen Recorder at https://recorder.iobit.com/ does not mention a Pro edition at all anywhere on the page. Everything points to there being one edition, and that it is free. That suggests that even though the word Pro is displayed on the title, there really isn’t a Pro edition at all. Since the IObit website for iFun Screen Recorder does not mention a Pro edition, Charlie is right … so far. Without knowing there is a Pro edition and how the features differ, we are in a state of limbo or Tom is also correct.

The IObit website for the iFun Screen Recorder at https://recorder.iobit.com/ has a list of FAQs. One entry is, “Is iFun Screen Recorder Free?” The answer states “iFun Screen Recorder is a completely free screen recorder with audio. You have access to the fully-featured of this free recording software, no time limits, quick editing after recording, and easy to create the great video that you want.”

Take note that the word “Free” is not part of the name of the program per the question and answer.

Already mentioned, this offer states that the license is for one year and that the user gets free updates for a year.

What happens when a new version is released? That just happened a few days ago. The iFun Screen Recorder program displays a message to the user that there is a newer version and asks if the user wishes to “Decide later” or “Download Now.” If within the stated year of free updates, it seems like there is a good incentive to go for the “Download Now” choice.

When the user clicks on “Download Now” there is no apparent download at all, but the user is taken to the IObit website at:


For the first time, the user sees that IObit claims there is a Pro edition, and to get it, the user has to pay a fee of $29.99, a discount from $42.99. I cannot claim Charlie is wrong (that the website does not mention a Pro edition) because the page has been hidden from Sharewareonsale.com users.

What is the difference between the iFun Screen Recorder Free and the iFun Screen Recorder PRO editions?

There is a comparison chart that shows several differences, and they do appear to be in the program Sharewareonsale.com installed. There is a section labeled “Optimum IObit Service,” which includes “Auto update to the latest version” feature and Free 24/7 Technical support on demand. These two bullet items go beyond what the Sharewareonsale.com offer states, so I cannot expect the free technical support.

Take note that the word “Free” appears to be part of the name of the free edition and PRO appears to be part of the name of the “paid for” edition in the comparison chart head section.

If the Sharewareonsale.com users installed a Pro edition to start with, you would expect that there is an option to install the latest version of the Pro edition, but there does not seem to be any way to do that. Instead, the page suggests the only way to get anything for free is to switch to the Free edition. If Sharewareonsale.com users had a Pro edition, why aren’t they allowed to keep it? If they download and install the Free version, do they lose the PRO edition they had before? Since I could care less about this program (due to its lack of decent features), I will gladly be the guinea pig to find out.

I downloaded the new version number using the “FREE DOWNLOAD” green button. I installed the program. When it was complete, the program’s main interface opens up, still showing PRO in the title. I checked the About menu item, and it showed the latest version number.

I think Tom was incorrect. There does appear to be a “Pro” edition and Sharewareonsale.com users can take advantage of it for one year.