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Be Gee

Assuming the registration problems get straightened out and I want to use this as a way to back up a data partition,
1. Can this do a differential backup if I want to make periodic backups?
2. Is the result individual the individual directory/file structure (just like “Copy c:\*.* X:\”) or do I get some kind of large file that I have to extract to the new drive? Any compression?
3. If this program just copies all files from 1 drive to another, why wouldn’t I just use FastCopy or any of the other large file block copy programs?
4. Can I find and extract individual files in the back up file?

And, what is the Windows 2.6 they are referring to at https://www.doyourdata.com/disk-copy/disk-clone-in-windows-11.html?

I can’t find answers to these questions on the developer DoYourData.com website.