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So the installation process did take a bit longer than expected, but it did work for me. I was asked to activate the program with my Audial username/password. I used the same one I had for the Audials music tube program and this Audials TV was activated.

The TV portion is a bit limited. There are 52 channels for me. I couldn’t get CNN to work, but ABC and its local (Phila) affiliate (prerecorded not live) worked along with a couple more. There are some TV music channels, but some work, some don’t and IMO all are pretty bad.

There are a ton of podcasts available and every one I tried worked, but why would you need a TV Recorder program for podcasts?

Anyway, I loved and use daily the Audial Music program, this not so much. But thank you for the opportunity to give it a try.

PS. As mentioned in the instructions, there will be nags to purchase the program, but just exit those as it should already be activated and usable.