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Thanks SOS and Eldamar Studios!

Mostly space themed or similar. Some photorealistic, some with various “paint” filters applied. I especially like the “extruded” pics.

It took less than an hour to download all the files (I waited until a file was at least half downloaded before starting another, so no more than 2 at the same time). Your internet speeds will vary, but the servers seem good. 17.44 GB total disk space for all 58 .zip files. I didn’t try extracting them all yet but that will likely take additional space. I opened about 20 so far to check them out, and looked at maybe 4-6 files in each of those. No problems so far. I don’t think I have any software (like Photoshop) that opens .HDR files, but .PNG or .JPG equivalent files are there also.

I can see using these as video or Zoom backgrounds and for composite pictures as well. Might well inspire some creativity! I already had the “500 High-Resolution Backgrounds” package from an earlier giveaway. I can’t tell for sure (that’s a lot of pictures to compare!) but I think the 1200 in current giveaway are different.

I was expecting landscapes, cityscapes, abstract shots, etc., but I’m very happy with this set. Nice pics!