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OK, this IS a three-month offer and that is generally not what we are looking for here. However, it is the PRO edition (they do have a free edition if you want a longer free term) and it gives you an opportunity for you to check it out and decide if you want to buy the Pro after your three-month trial.

This is just what I did about a year ago. I tried the Pro edition, liked it and purchased a two-year license. It really is hard to compare anti-virus programs, free and paid, and I have tried a bunch. Generally, I look for one that is not too intrusive, doesn’t use a lot of computer resources, and is inexpensive. For years I used Windows Defender because it seemed to fit these three (it was free with Windows), but after the trial I went with Avira. Truly YMMV.

They do have a VPN which I game a test and it is OK, but again, I prefer using Surfshark even though it is not free, the version I am using anyway.

No one likes these three month licenses, but in this case I think it gives you a good chance to check out a decent inexpensive AV program that seems to receive pretty good reviews. Maybe you will like it better than what you are using now, or decide to shell out a little money for the program instead of using a free one. At any rate, I thank Sharewareonsale for making this available, even though this is one I don’t have to download, install and test today. ;-)