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Peter Blaise

[ prime-expert. com ] Emergency Boot Kit v1.6 SOS is CLEAN, worked perfectly, if -s-l-o-w-, to clear password on UEFI SSD, slow = without Windows drivers, raw access is embarrassingly lethargic, even with a 3000+ MHz 4-core Intel.

I did tell CMOS/UEFI to boot “Legacy” to USB, and I used an ancient USB v1 125 MB thumb drive ( ! ) with no problem ( was USB v1 part of why it went slow ? ), cleared the password, reset CMOS/UEFI to NOT “Legacy”, rebooted, and I was in.

Patience – it really took a long time, and I thought it had locked, but no, everything was just -s-l-o-w-.

The program lets us make bootable USB or CD, and makes an ISO that Rufus or ImgBurn can throw anywhere anytime, this is NOT limited to one computer or one copy or one use, this does not expire, just no upgrades – our personal registration name stays on screen, by the way.

The screen is tiny, using native fonts on super HD, the older among us may need to squint!

For me, an effortless no-brainier, smooth and faultless, just -s-l-o-w-.

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C’mon, folks, submit to VirusTotal and see “PUA possible unwanted application” meaning, like the DOS format command, this has powerful capabilities, but is NOT a virus, though I just checked VirusTotal again and got ZERO reports of malware inside.