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The activatiom program included doesn´t working. It is program called “Activate.exe”. After clicking button “Activate Giveaway licence” it shows error stating: “This version of program is not compatible with version of your Windows. Check in system informations, whether you need 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) version of this program and then contact its publisher.”. I am using windows 7 32-bit. Are there any limitations regarding Windows versions, or is this programming error?

I believe the reason why there is trouble with this giveaway today is because the software requirement listed on the owners website is as follows: Requirements:Windows 2000, Windows XP
Preferably minimum 1024×768 display resolution.
True Color (32bit) display
I saw that and decided not to even attempt today’s giveaway as I am running Windows 10Pro 64 bit.

Same here. Totally useless. Uninstalled with Revo. [ @frank]

Ditto on ALL the above. This program will run in Windows 7: Windows XP SP2 Compaibility Mode but the Activate.exe will NOT so runs in “DEMO” mode only.
Vendor site states last update Nov 25, 2018 but obviously did not update to “DATE”. Total waste of time.