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If Virus Total test comes clean, so how come Avast shows a virus in the setup file?

It is rather very confusing, because Virus Total uses also Avast engine, and here we have a conflicting finding (=virus in the setup file).

It beats me.

It comes down to what tools were used to construct the item in question: some of these can mimic ways in which malware works. I’ve seen apparent same scanner report conflicts like that on occasion. I’ll look for compelling patterns, as to where I’d draw the line. Scanners like Eset, Bitdefender, Sophos, Kaspersky, Symantec and certain others — and particularly in the aggregate — will gain credibility with me; others, like Baidu or Jiangmin will not.

You make a valid point, but ask the IT dept. Admins which ones they would choose to rely upon, and it’s


going to be the all-cleaned-up and compromised editions ! (Well, perhaps they already hold licenses for the most critical of those tools . . . . ) The only other useful way to go is to build one yourself, using your own licensed tools. But if you happened to read the respective EULAs, even that might not fly in terms of the legalese ?