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Having learned about the problems which most users have reported while attempting to register this zero zero disk image program, I have decided to happily refrain from downloading and installing this giveaway.
I’d rather stick to a proven and undisputed winner- the Macrium Reflect, which allows you to image or clone your disk. And do I need to mention that it does it for FREE?

I’ve sampled Macrium, which seems like one of the proven winners in this category, along with Shadow Protect (which may go by another name these days, which momentarily eludes me), and what has long been my regular ‘Go To’ choice, Acronis TI. The big unresolved issue for me remains cloning a boot drive to different and dissimilar hardware. There are some major “Gotchas” along the way, when it comes to having the end result boot up successfully for Windows, in its new home. What I’ve encountered by way of supposed solutions involves pouring through MANY pages worth of complicated instructions. And I haven’t gotten through that yet, so I’m STILL looking for a good answer.

The second major problem involves the damned UEFI security roadblocks. You can’t boot up your imaging tool from external media without revising key BIOS settings. You will run into some dire manufacturer warnings about doing this. When you are done imaging / cloning / restoring, you will need to revert those hardware settings back to the way they were. This is mainly a factor with hardware of the last several years, but I have to deal with that for some computers.

If you have some great ideas on these particular issues, I’d love to hear them !