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Everybody likes a program that works great for free, but there are some cases when purchasing a program makes all the sense in the world. Atlantis Word Processor has been one of those for me, and I am constantly rewarded with frequent updates and upgrades. I do not have to wait another year for SoS to make Atlantis Word Processor available again. Within the past year, there have been 8 updates. If you wait until next year when SoS offers the program again, you are going to miss out on several more intermediate updates. Meanwhile, I will be getting one every month or so.

I started out with the standard purchase that gives one year of updates but quickly realized that the lifetime option made more sense to me. When I switched to a lifetime license, I was not penalized; just paid the difference.

A few months back, the program was offered on another site. I was reading the old comments and noticed that several of the “wishlist” items are now part of the standard program.

Like Derek said, I use this program more than MS Word. I don’t know if anyone has purchased the program that now regrets it. It always gets some great compliments.

This is the type of developer that should be supported. I have nothing to do with the company but I hope you will consider purchasing the program. I admit my reason is biased because I hope this developer can continue. I don’t want to find out the developer had to close the doors because I am not aware of any competition that could take their place.