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>”Would be even better if “save as a pdf” file feature could be added”

Atlantis Word Processor has a section on their website about saving the document as a PDF file on URL:

Their suggestion is to install a Virtual PDF Printer, and they even list some free ones on their Download page in the Free Tools section.

If you do not have a Virtual PDF printer installed, they are very handy because they work with any program that prints. Instead of choosing a physical printer, select the Virtual PDF Printer instead.

It has been several years since I printed anything on paper. I flat out refuse to do it. If anyone asks for a printout and they are expecting paper, I tell them I no longer have a printer but I can send them a PDF file. It’s 2021, if they can’t handle a PDF file, they are the one getting behind. So far, everyone has gladly accepted the PDF file.

Based on how easy it is to get a PDF file from Atlantis Word Processor using a Virtual PDF Printer, I doubt they will add one. Rather than add that same ability to Atlantis Word Processor, the Virtual PDF printer helps keep it small, fast, and not a big bloatware program. It also allows an extra freedom to users as there are several different Virtual PDF Printers available. You get to choose which one you like best because the Virtual PDF Printers have a variety of features themselves. It is far better to let those features evolve in their own field and keep Atlantis Word Processor separate and clean.