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Peter Blaise

Tiushkov Nikolay of SoftVoile.com and ClipDiary is Ukrainian, I believe, please look this up and confirm, even though the giveaway page is in Russian – I’m averse to supporting Russia or allowing Russian programs access to my computers.

ClipDiary is one of many clipboard managers out there, each has it’s own reported personality and quirks, I have not compared them, I just started using Clipdiary many versions ago and got used to it.

There’s a brief interactive tutorial under Help > Run Tutorial,
I turn off all hotkeys ( reduces surprises ) and I use my mouse and keyboard to open and select clips for reuse,
there’s a search feature, type a unique word in the clip we are looking for,
there’s a filter to show: all clips, only pictures, lists of files ( from Windows File Explorer copy ! ), HTML, and so on, whatever formats have been captured,
we can edit text clips,
it stores pictures, and screenshots, and that’s nice,
though it can’t edit/crop images ( I use free IrfanView to edit clipped pictures ),
we can re-name clips so we can re-find them easier,
we can edit the location of database folder – this may allow the use of one database across networked computers, I’ve not tried it,
plus, as they say themselves,
Unlimited clipboard history
Advanced search
Multipasting (F6)
Quick Copy next or previous clip using only hot keys
Smart Capture
Pasting clipboard content as plain text
Filtering application, format, and hotkeys in an application
Cleanup wizard
Moving clips in the list
Editing the title of a clip (F2)
Preview images (F8)
Export clips to file [ one at a time ]
Support of the Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format
Search for text of the clip in a web browser (Alt+G)
Fully customizable behaviour and interface
Portable version

ClipDiary on the computer I am using now reports:
Database size – 1.8 GB, count of clips – 16,431

( Note: this computer had Windows installed 13 years ago, so it probably has been using ClipDiary since v3 at least – and yes, Windows 7 x64 Pro is NOT dead, not by a long shot! )

ClipDiary reportedly will NETWORK, which I have not tried, but I have DIFFERENT ClipDiary databases on my dozen or so computers, and it might be nice to combine them, de-duplicate them ( how ? ), and have the exact same clips available and being added to from every computer, all the same – someone else might already know the networking features, please report.

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Recommendations for improvement:

I want access to my clips using other tools, so please, let us browse our clips as files using Zip and Windows file Explorer.

Switch to a Zip database format with native saving of every clip as a file inside the Zip ‘database’.

Or at least add a feature to bulk export every clip as a file, probably as separate files within a Zipped file ( the total export might be huge ! ).

Come up with a de-duplicating merge feature for combining databases, such as importing from backup or other computers, and sharing to the next computer.

Thanks for letting us explore this and share.