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The following WAS my submitted review:
“Get it – at least try it if you do not already have a good backup strategy!

While I personally prefer a complete different approach…:
This IS worth downloading, registering and using it!

Even knowing that it is not the fastest tool, an as well does provide the best compression rates this is toot was reliable under all by me tested conditions: I tested it twice on my own computers under different conditions, suggested and installed it on some friend´s computers…
It is intuitive and easy to understand and pretty good watches that it´s need for system resources eats up not too much of them – means: it does its job well in the background!

You might even accomplish an easy “set and forget” setup.

Only due too the mentioned point:
– being not the fastest tool
– does not provide the best compression level and
– additionally needs to produce ( a well implemented, but needed process!) a Windows-PE recovery media… because ONLY THAT will provide you with a full security level: to get your system and personal data back under ALL conditions…! )
… I rate it at (only, and only slightly…) below 5 Stars and finally decided for “only” 4 stars , knowing it would be a “5” for most users.


“What is this about ???
Am I blocked from reviewing ??? Or what is going on ?
I am asking, for this is not the 1st time I could not find my (JUST KINDLY OFFERED) reviews.
And I cant find a real reason for this – beside that most of my reviews were somewhat critical …
– but always honest!
– and always based on really testing the offered programs!

So be at least so kind and inform me (at least) … or, even better: also WHY ?!
And please understand, that I am not greedy at all to WASTE my time (any longer) IF I am blocked

Looking forward for a short answer
Kind regards

I think, I never broke any ethical rules (at least I think so…), and I am (rather) sure as well not to have broken any EULA
(and IF SO, I am really sorry for this).”

What now …???!!!