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[ @Tony Class]

Haydehoo Tony Class!
I’ve faced the same thing like you regarding SoftOrbits Icon Maker program.
Please read what they’ve answered to me:
‘The thing is, the free key can only be registered if the promotion is currently running. You can’t register the free key twice and this means that you can’t reinstall or update the program.
In order to use the full version of the program, you need to buy your own registration key. The purchased key is valid for all minor updates, until a new major version is released. If you need to change the computer or reset the registration, our support team will always reactivate the purchased key for the new registration of the program.
After the activation, your key is written into the registry. Sometimes users install and use registry cleaners which might lead to the key being accidentally deleted. There also might be some system error that we have no control over. This is how the registered program can deregister. If this happens to a purchased key, we can always reactivate it, if the key is free, we cannot. We hope we’ve cleared things up a little bit on how this problem might occur.’
Do you think that you’ve made something wrong? From my side, I can suspect AdvancedSystemCare cleaning system to have deleted the key from register but, why it didn’t happne for all the other installed softwares?
I’ve stepped back from installing Flash Drive Recovery in order not to face the same deception twice but I can be wrong.
Time will judge.