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Master Bear

From Broken To Fixed – Thank You Ashampoo! My AMD Ryzen9 Win11 computer crashed a few days ago (these things happen when Bears play with drivers!), and I had gotten everything mostly repaired except my multimedia soundbar, which showed it was active, but wouldn’t produce a sound. Until Ashampoo Soundstage 2020 stepped in and fixed the picture (pardon the mixed metophor). I don’t know how it did it, nor do I care. What I do know and care about is that as soon as I loaded the software into my (already existing) Ashampoo account I had sound – and not just 2 channel sound either, but complete surround sound – and all without touching a single control!

There is an instruction manual that comes with the software, which I’ll now go back and read, and learn what settings and adjustments there might be (bass sounds like it could use a boost from its default setting). But even if there aren’t any changes I can make, going from broken to fixed definitely earns this software a 5-star rating from this reviewer. And for those with ‘plain vanilla’ headphones, its certainly worth trying out to see what sound improvements you might engender.