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Peter Blaise

On Tuesday, January 10, 2022-01-10, reviewing PCWinSoft URL Capture Pro v3 released 2022-08-09:

“Built-in web browser running Firefox engine. 100% safe to browse”. I’m running Google Chrome on my computer. Does this mean I can’t use this program!?

Hahahahaha – although YOU may be unable to use two programs at the same time, your computer can, and everyone else in the world running Windows since forever has no problem running two programs at the same time.

Note, this does NOT use or depend on any pre-existing installation of Firefox, but instead installs it’s own version of Firefox, hence their description.

I have multiple versions of Firefox running at the same time, and I toggle between them – Firefox 32-bit, and Firefox 64-bit, and the TOR browser based on Firefox, so adding this to also run at the same time will be no problem.

My own goal is twofold:

1 – Archive: save a readable clickable web page from any website, as a historical archive, what this program promises – not all alternatives function well, the print-to-PDF in Firefox and Chrome often misformat, and the save-as-PDF in Opera often misses essential content, I have previously used to browse to a URL directly from Adobe Acrobat Pro, and that was nice, adding subsequent pages below the current page, such as when clicking on a link in the current page, the results gets added to the PDF, in that way, I was able to save an entire web site as a single functional PDF with active links, maybe I’ll revisit Abobe Acrobat Pro once again.

2 – Epub: save any web presentation as an editable Epub, including active links, for editing and reading on any e-reader, especially for e-readers that actually actively read-out-loud and turn the page in sync ( and, no, Audible audiobooks do not turn the ‘printed’ or e-book page in sync, in fact, Audible audiobooks are totally separate from and not coordinated with ‘printed’ or e-reader versions of books in any way, what a shame and what a loss ! ), but this program does not promise to do Epubs <– are you reading, PCWinSoft? Can you add Epub capability to v4?

Amazon refrains from making alternate presentations from one source document, they were sued because publishers considered alternate versions to be a subsequent publication requiring a second paid-for license, so Amazon does not even allow current Kindles to read the displayed page out loud – so we need to save our old original Kindles that still can read out loud.

I’m shocked – SHOCKED – at the paucity and lack of sophistication of any read-out-loud screen/document readers, totally ignoring the blind, and ignoring folks needing to learn a language, and those with learning disabilities who could benefit from a patient device and software that works at the reader’s/listener’s speed, there seems to be no read-out-loud feature in any document presentation software, no ‘follow the bouncing ball’ audio presentation of what text presentations sound like.


Oh, right, publishers want separate additional royalties for each different ‘presentation’ – as if we need to pay a separate additional fee if we read a book out loud to our children.


Got it.

Yet publishers do not offer the features I just described in any way anyway.

So, we’re dealing with greedy publishers who only seem to want to stop other people from providing services that the publishers do not provide, but the publishers do not want to provide those services themselves.

Wow, greed is so nasty and corrupting.

Anyway, all programs and extensions I have tried occasionally crap out and miss essential web page contents when saving, hence my apparently unending search and desire to test this offering.

Sadly, I have no feedback on this program at the moment because I need to first ‘fix’ the aging computer I tried to install it on – ouch!

This needs to be installed, it is not a self-contained program ready to run on it’s own.

If others have performance reports on how this program works for you in the real world, please do tell us more.

Thanks for letting us explore this and share.