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Peter Blaise

In response to [ @Scott] “… Who uses this kind of software, businesses? What business comes by shareware.com when they buy their own software? Not even a home business can use this …”

I guess you think it’s useless if the user is not in business?


How about computer techs, independent computer techs, including occasional self-supporting computer techs?

Can anyone imagine them using partition software?

Be aware that computer techs are an ad hoc non-group of independent self-employed servicers, and we love to test-drive new stuff that might empower us to solve problems for ourselves and for our clients.

And we then review and recommend it to others, based on our well-exercised hands-on experience.

I have found by endless comparison and iteration and failure and trying, trying, trying again, that Macrorit Partition Expert is the best software at the moment for cloning drives, intelligently, for example, when upgrading a tired old small HDD hard disk drive to a nice fast new large SSD solid- state drive, and having it work the first time – properly resized to fit different drive sizes between the small old source drive and the large new target drive, and aligning the target partitions to boot, depending on the drive type, hard disk drive or solid-state drive.

First time.

Works for me.

For me, nothing else has been successful at doing all that on the first try.

I’ve been using free Macrorit Partition Expert v5 on free Hirens’s Boot CD/USB Windows PE, so this v7, including a portable version that does not need ti be installed, with all features engaged ( that’s what ‘pro/business’ means ), promises even more savvy.

So, [ @Scott], try Macrorit Partition Expert, and then, tell us how it works for you.

And then tell us if you suddenly feel like going into business because you find Macrorit Partition Expert as wonderful as the rest of us find it!


Thanks as ever, Ashraf, for letting us explore this and share.