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Update and thumbs up:
Just tried it out on a screen cap of a web page. Zoomed it 400% and saved it. File size went from 1.53 MB to 27.8 MB (I expected it to be 4 X 4 = 16 times larger, which should have been 24.48 MB. But when I loaded both the original and enlarged pics into a pic viewer and compared at the same size, the enlarged picture quality was obviously better. Text appeared sharper, and the small embedded photos of people all looked better. This is not part of the “project” series of programs so it’s not clone of all those programs. Few controls, easy to use. Registration was not so bad — a lot of steps but I just chugged on through. Small price to pay for something that works, at least for files like the one I tested. Thanks SOS and Franzis.