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Peter Blaise

Geekersoft Video Saver version ( !!! that’s pre-alpha, not even beta !!! ) from SOS Feb 10 2023

… totally FAILS to download a video from [ PBS. org ], see:

[ https :// www. pbs. org/video/episode-1-j67rcg/ ] <– remove the spaces to paste

The software saw the video location, and offered a variety of download options, I chose 540p mp4 …

… all I got was a 30mb audio file, NO VIDEO.

I played with all sorts of alternatives and cookie settings, no luck.

I guess that when the vendor claims that they can download videos from many websites, they actually mean that they can download YouTube Videos from a variety of websites that are not YouTune themselves, but whose displayed video is hosted on YouTube, hence this software’s dependence on YTD YouTube Downloader ( their version ), and that is their ONLY downloader, and so, they are unable to capture videos that are NOT presented by or as YouTube videos.

Oh well.

Better luck in later versions, Geekersoft, please come back with improvements to meet our expectations – compare to VCap and other all-purpose webpage video downloaders, and be at least as capable as the current competition.

Moving on.

Thanks, Ashraf, for letting us explore this and share.