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[ @Mr.Dave] Update to my lengthy (sorry) comment… I played with Video2Cartoon some more. The trim function works well, and I used it limit my test video to about 3-4 seconds. That way I could try some changes and see what they look like in full size in about 5 minutes. The preview shown on the [filter] settings page is very small, and on the main conversion page it’s only a little bigger, very hard to tell if changes to the settings do what you want until you convert to a cartoon and watch the resulting video. So if you want to make a very short cartoon of maybe 10-20 seconds, this might do the trick. Anything longer and I would definitely use another program. Having presets would be a tremendous help, so we could try different styles, then tweak settings from one of them. And of course it would be helpful to save settings into your own presets, and all presets should be saved with a picture of the size shown on the main screen, to make it easy to find one you want. So, presets + bigger preview + faster processing + helpful help would make this program MUCH more usable, might even make people want to buy it!