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Peter Blaise

In response to [ @Be Gee] who wrote “… And after 1 year, what then? It stops working? It erases all your ownloadconversions? What? …”


In the real world, do we wonder if a one-year subscription to, say, TIME magazine, “… And after 1 year, what then? It stops working? They come and take away all our prior magazines from our living room side table? What? …”

Do we ask if our prior photocopies will fade to blank pages if we no longer pay to use a photocopy machine anymore?

Why do we lose our brains when there’s a computer in front of us?

[ @Be Gee], just like recording stuff off the radio, or recording stuff off a CD from the library, or making photocopies, when we stop using the copier, when the recorder or copier itself stops working for whatever reason, such as a subscription license to “YouTube Music Converter” expires, the program itself simply stops ( maybe – most fee-based software reverts to minimum free-features and keeps running that way ), it just stops, all by itself, not it’s prior results, not it’s prior output – imagine if Steven King stopped paying for Microsoft Word and all his prior writing then vanished! – so, no, everything we recorded still exists, the recorder has no way of knowing where any recordings even are, and we can play the recordings back any way we want, any time, forever.

I have cassettes I made years ago as copies of vinyl phonograph albums, and now, even though the original records and even my old record player are long gone, my little old Aiwa and big old Sony cassette players still play those cassettes just fine.

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Alternatives: FREE Abelssoft YouTube Song Downloader even gets -l-o-n-g- playlists from Music YouTube in one click, and the FREE Abelssoft software license not only never expires, but they also keep freely updating their free software to match changes because of Youtube’s ever-evolving programming.



Thanks, as always, Ahsraf, for letting us explore this and share.