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[ @Ashraf] Under Pros, it does say that it uses DOD (US dept of defense) standard 5220-22.m – looking up that would tell you if it’s 3 or 7 pass.

What is the difference between DoD 5220.22-M and DoD 5220.28 STD?
DoD 5220.22-M will overwrite the data 3 times and DoD 5220.28-STD will overwrite data 7 times. Through this way, you can make the data unrecoverable to avoid data leak.8/02/2022

So the Aweraser 2 DOES NOT do a 7-pass erase, just a 3-pass one. 7 is considered the best way, using the deck of cards shuffling example, shuffle a deck of cards interleaved, 7 times, and you cannot get the original sequence of the deck.