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Peter Blaise

SUP Software Update Pro Error:

[ Failed to connect to the server, please try again. Rescan ]

Windows 7 x64 Pro, no anti-malware, no firewall, all other sudate programs access the Internet just fine.

I’ve been having this problem with Glarysoft software for over a year, their tech support says it’s not their problem, good luck, good bye.

Wild guess … they are working with computers that do not match ours anymore?

I asked free [ Virustotal . com ] what’s going on, sending every executable from the installer to the 7 installed programs, and aside from SUP Software Update Pro accessing almost 100 web addresses during install and after, aside from unnecessary and curious web contacting, there was nothing that caught my eye.

It does depend on Microsoft’s WMIC, which should work ( other programs that depend on WMIC work for me ), but Microsoft is deprecating WMIC in favor of PowerShell, simplifying Microsoft’s programming breadth, and complicating the user-installed base.

I’m fetching, I have no idea why Glarysoft programs are failing, perhaps leftovers from IObit or Malwarebytes or Auslogics or even Wise, perhaps competitive sabotage, they are all trying to kill each other?

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Alternatives: I like and use:

Free [ Ninite . com ], all free stuff, mostly major stuff.

Free [ PatchMyPC . com ], much free stuff, some trial stuff, lots of fringe stuff.

Even IObit has a free Software Updater, it’s an eclectic mess, with much non-free trial software stuff on it, but hey, if it has stuff that makes your own software selection easier to manage, give it a try.

Let us know what alternatives you use, folks, because Glarysoft ain’t functioning much anymore, too bad.

Thanks, Ashraf, for letting us explore this and share.