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Eugene Dohnt

The download link for Audials TV Recorder 2023 is provided to you above. The download is an exclusive SharewareOnSale installer with registration built-in. Download and install Audials TV Recorder 2023. After install, run Audials TV Recorder 2023 and you will need to enter your name and email address and enter the password you want for your Audials account. You will also need to verify your email address. After that, make sure you click the ACTIVATE button. That’s it, enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Immediately after successful activation of the software, an Audials Update Center window will appear asking you to purchase the program at 75% discount limited time offer. That offer is NOT mandatory and can simply be closed by clicking X on the said window. You get all the features of Audials TV Recorder 2023 with this giveaway; no purchase is necessary. If you want more features than offered in this giveaway, then make the purchase. After closing the offer window, there is also a noticeable green BUY NOW button at the top menu. If you click this button, it will lead back to the Audials Update Center offer page; just click X again to close. You can confirm you have a fully activated version of Audials TV Recorder 2023 by going to MENU > OPTIONS > GENERAL > PRODUCT ACTIVATION.
The activation is not present, there is no activation anywhere