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Even if you already have a good PDF Editor, it is typically a welcome sign to be offered another PDF editor. Unfortunately GeekerPDF is no longer welcome on my Windows 10 Pro OS.

After the install, the option to “Launce GeekerPDF” is checked. When the Finish button is clicked, immediately Windows 10 displayed a dialog stating:
“GeekerPDF has stopped working.”
“Windows can try to recover your information.”
“Close the program”

When I click the “Close the program” option, Windows next displays:
GeekerPDF is trying to recover your information…
This might take several minutes.

I would like to know what information GeekerPDF was changing that has to be changed back.

During the install, I unclicked:
Create desktop shortcut
Create a Quick Launch shortcut
Set GeekerPDF as default PDF reader

Even though the option was unclicked, when I click on a PDF file icon, instead of the program I use as the default program to open PDFs, a dialog pops up stating the same thing that happened during the install:
“GeekerPDF has stopped working.”
“Windows can try to recover your information.”
“Close the program”

So despite unclicking the box to allow GeekerPDF to become the default PDF reader, it changes my default anyway.

Clicking the Close the program option, Windows does the same recovery, but apparently does not get the default PDF reader program set back correctly.

I absolutely despise programs that give me an option then think they have the right to override my choice. No program should ever change the Operating System set defaults for any file type without the user’s knowledge and especially if the program “pretends” it will not make a change but makes sit anyway.

On the developers website, there is a place for users to comment. Several others have indicated issues with the program, but the latest comment is from 9 months ago. Without knowing when the current version was released, I do not know if the comments pertain to the same program version number we received on Sharewareonsale.com.

At least, you should be able to reset your default file type opener for PDF files using the right click option “Open With” and then select your own preference.

By the way, GeekerPDF inserts itself as a “Right-click” choice for opening PDF files. Hopefully, my uninstall monitor software can clean things up to how the system was before starting down this road.